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Moon Brat Profile
Full name: Moon Brat Bunny (real name Bethie B.)
Nicknames: Bethie, Befhie, Pan, Panny-chan, Paney Chaney, Bethie the Pooh, Elisa, Lisa, Lis, n Beth
Age: 14
Birth: 12/30/86
Color: Ice blue
Food: OREOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LUV dancing. I also like singing, drawing, reading, and acting. I luv swimming in our pool in my back yard and I love writing stories on my comp.
2 parents and 3 younger siblings making me the oldest ^_^
OH BOY! this gonna b long:
Cali-Babe, Crys-Babe (chat sis also), Frosti-Babe (also chat sis), Deed-Babe, Shika-chan (chat niece), Allie-Babe, Videlly (chat sis), Lil Rini (chat daughter n sis), Ramza, Tazzy, Rufus, Mikey, Cassie, AL, Kim, Shanny, Ramna, Arryn, Toby, Brian, Jason, Rowen, Vamp. Idiot, Vamp. Duo, Ellone, Zen, Stan, Mina5, Sandy aka Mushroom ^_^,Chaos, KBB, GG, Hawk, Tim, Will., BB, Brit, Anna, Kelly, Kelsey, Corkie, Rachel n so forth.
Current dating stat: Richard ^__^

If there is ne more things i can put on here e-mail me @ Ja-Ne!

YIKEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!! This image of me looks ALOT better irl it's just the scanner didn't work right for some reason oO i think i broke it ^.^()

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