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Weekly Fan Art
I will update this as often as I can and all this is © by me if you take em, I find out, you get sued. ^^

Kurisutaru Benniken: Warrior Level One
This is my main character in my series, 'Crystal Crisis' her name is Kurisutaru Benniken. All © bye me.

DBZ(i dont have a fanart page on meh Pan-chan site bare w/ meh i want it here ne wayz!!!) SSJ 1 Gohan
This pic i drew while doin nothin.

Angel Warrior Kurisutaru
I have a Manga Series called, 'Crystal Crisis' © and this is my main character also ©

Niimi Cloudlight as a adult and Angel
I love drawing angels. They're one of my favorite topics. I drew this one to go with a Manga Series i wrote, 'Crystal Crisis' © ^_^

Angelicia Kurisutaru
This is just a pic i drew for the fun of it. ^^

Niimi Cloudlight
I had no idea what to name her so bare w/ meh.

Eilsabeth (me)
Ok this is what I would look like if i were anime drawn in MY opinion. n that is that for now. Latta!

Thank you for stopping by my Fan Art Page!!!